ASMALL CLASS SIZE: Our program is very LIMITED. While other programs do not limit their enrollment, we believe that a small class size provides assurance that you will get the individual attention and personalized assistance in those areas where YOU may need it.

BEXPERIENCED TEACHERS: LCC has been particularly fortunate to have the services of highly experienced medical teachers, their artistic sense and medicine teaching experience have greatly added to our student's ability.

CFOCUS ON YOUR WEAKNESS: Preparation course is broken down into several topics. That means you have to perform in all the areas to do well on the test as a whole. Special attention is given by our instructors when it comes to know that you're weak in any particular topic of the course.

DLANGUAGE COMPONENT OF THE PLAB: We know that you can already speak medical English but the PLAB involves communicating with British patients in colloquial English avoiding all medical terminology. This skill is new and hard for many candidates. Unlike other courses we have qualified medical teachers and have coached many doctors through the language component of the PLAB.